Totalli e-commerce is an Ecwid partner for apps and webshop customisation since 2023. We develop and design apps to increase revenues and engagement by adding functionality and usefull features on top of the default Ecwid platform. This can make your webshop more succesful, drive conversion to a higher level, and help you grow your business.

About Ecwid

Ecwid is a webshop platform that, as part of Lightspeed, offers webshops to small businesses. It currently focuses mainly on small and medium-sized webshop owners, offering by default very many integrations of the webshop with other platforms (sales channels) such as Wix, Wordpress, Facebook, Instagram, with online marketplaces like Tiktok, Amazon, Google Shopping, or as a separate webshop. It can be regarded as an umbrella "meta-platform", in the sense that you manage your product catalogue via Ecwid, but decide yourself through which channel your products will be sold. So there's plenty of choice!

totalli e-commerce & Ecwid

We develop apps for Ecwid in-house, as well as customised apps. If you have any questions or ideas, or would like to discuss the possibilities, please mail us.

Currently, the development of our first app is still in full swing, and we are in the testing phase. We expect to offer an app called "Pin and Share" in the very near future. This will make it possible to "pin" interesting products on an Ecwid webshop and share them with others, as a suggestion for a gift or just like that, for inspiration, or to send to yourself as a kind of wish list. All without having to log in, i.e. without a customer account. Easy, safe, fast and fun!

See our  Ecwid app documentation and help