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Lightspeed eCom

As a partner of Lightspeed since 2012, we build customised features for this webshop platform. We know the system inside out and think along with you to provide a solution that fits within this platform and your budget.

Lightspeed themes

We design and build themes for the Lightspeed eCom platform since 2013. We know the ins and outs of this widely used ecommerce platform to build solid themes that helkp you grow your business. Take a look at our theme "Berlin", for example.

Lightspeed eCom: customisation

We design and build custom features for this webshop platform. For example, a product choice help, an abandonment feature, or a feature that sends visitors a mail whenever a product is available again (on-stock). Or a technique that shows product variants (colors, sizes, configurations etc.) when that is not a standard option in Lightspeed.

For example: a choice help, an abandoned cart-feature or a function that sends visitors an e-mail when a product is back in stock. Or a technique which shows product variants (colours, sizes, configurations etc.) where this is not standard in Lightspeed.

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Lightspeed is a fast-growing SAAS e-commerce platform, with which you can start your webshop today. Lightspeed is characterised by good service, many "out-of-the-box" connections with accounting packages, payment options and transport services. We develop complete webshop themes and new functionalities for Lightspeed.

Totalli t|m has been a Lightspeed (formerly SEOshop) business partner since 2012. Contact us and start selling online today!

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Ecwid apps

Totalli e-commerce is an Ecwid partner for apps and webshop customisation since 2023. We develop and design apps to increase revenues and engagement by adding functionality and usefull features on top of the default Ecwid platform. This can make your webshop more succesful, drive conversion to a higher level, and help you grow your business.

Do you have a question about other services that are not mentioned? Do you want to know if we can do something for you, or do you just want to know more about the possibilities we offer? Then contact us without obligation!