We build custom features for this webshop platform. For example, a product choice help, an abandonment feature, or a feature that sends visitors a mail whenever a product is available again (on-stock). Or a technique that shows product variants (colors, sizes, configurations etc.) when that is not a standard option in Lightspeed.

For example: a choice help, an abandoned cart-feature or a function that sends visitors an e-mail when a product is back in stock. Or a technique which shows product variants (colours, sizes, configurations etc.) where this is not standard in Lightspeed.

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Lightspeed is a fast-growing SAAS e-commerce platform, with which you can start your webshop today. Lightspeed is characterised by good service, many "out-of-the-box" connections with accounting packages, payment options and transport services. We develop complete webshop themes and new functionalities for Lightspeed.

Totalli t|m has been a Lightspeed (formerly SEOshop) business partner since 2012. Contact us and start using Lightspeed today.