The app that combines the fun of "pinning" your favorite products with the ease of sharing this with others!

Ecwid app "Pin and share": general info

This app combines the fun of "pinning" (like Pinterest) your favorite products with the ease of sharing this collection with other people (friends, family, colleagues etc). In a pleasing, visual way the collection is presented to the user. As a suggestion, inspirational kind of moodboard, or as gift idea. You can also use it to send the URL to yourself as a reminder of what you've seen and liked on the webshop.

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The idea behind the app

Screenshot of our app "Pin and share"

You're on this webshop and come across some great products on a webshop, and want to keep this collection for later use, or want to share these product suggestions with others. But without any hassle, no fuzz. Now, most webshops have a wish list feature, but why would you need to create an account first to create a wish list, or have to log in (in case you already have an account)? Or what if you want to keep these products in mind for yourself, for later use? 

That's why we created "Pin-and-share": with this feature, it's both easy and fun to collect your favorite items in a visual list for later. Or send this collection to anybody you like, or to yourself, as a reminder. Via Whatsapp or mail; just copy the link or hit the "Share" button. Quick and easy! That's when shopping online becomes more fun!

So how does "Pin and share" work?

  • add products by clicking on the "pin"-icon icon share-for-later => the item will then be added to the Pin-and-share list
  • view products in the share-list as a "masonry" view by opening the list with the floating button Share-for-Later floating button or in list view by clicking on the list-icon
  • delete items by opening the list with the floating button and clicking on the list-icon. Now the list of collected products appears. Here you can remove products from the list.
  • manage Pin-list? Click on the list icon to open the list view. Here you can remove products from the list

View our demo webshop here to see it in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it work?

Every product card is extended with a "Pin" icon, in the left bottom corner. If you click on this icon the product is added to your Pin list.

If the item already was added before, it will only be added once. 

Q: How many products can visitors collect?

Any amount of products can be collected with Pin-and-share.

Q: How is the Pinned collection shown?

In the masonry view there's room for up to 6 product thumbnails. If more than 6 items are collected this is indicated by the arrow-icon on the last item.
In the list view you can store as many items as you like.

Q: Can I "un-pin"?

Yes you can remove a pin from a product card by once more clicking on the pinned item (click on the "pin"-icon). It will be removed from the Pin-and-share list.

Q: Is any personal data stored?

Nope. All data that is stored on the user device is the products that they collect.

Q: How can visitors send their collected products to somebody else?

Just click on the "Share"-button after collecting the items in your list to share it via Whatsapp. If you want to  share it any other way, just copy the URL from the URL-field and paste it in an e-mail message, or paste it in any other app that can be used to send a link.

Q: I have the app installed, but I don't see it working

The app expects the store setting to be set as "show main product image". That's because without product images this app looses it's meaning. So this app only works as intended if the shop settings are set to "show product images". Please check if that is the case in the store settings.
Shop setting for showing main product image
Shop setting for showing main product image should be set to "Show"

See the notification "Please note" at the app settings page (page top).