Portfolio case: screenshots

Features: custom theme Lightspeed eCom custom checkout FOMO notification (limited stock) cart abandonment upsell popup e-mail notification (when "Back In Stock") hrefLang extension

CelticWebmerchant is a specialty shop for a very wide range of articles for LARP, Cosplay, reenactment and festivals. After a few years it was time for a more conveniently arranged, quieter look-and-feel, and besides that speed and ease of use for visitors was an important criterion for the new design we made. The special functions that we had built in over the years also needed to be reinforced in the new design, as well as a few new ones. For example, we built in a custom cart abandonment feature (which doesn't require the user to be logged in), a feature that gives the visitor the option to be sent an email as soon as a product is back in stock, and a notification when a product is scarce. The existing upsell popup is also integrated again.

On the category page, the underlying categories are shown in a "slider" as an extra feature, and we have also customised the cart and checkout to streamline the ordering process even further: no unnecessary distractions, an overview of your orders, a logical "flow" and sequence of steps to make the checkout process as smooth as possible. The text pages were also given a layout jacket so that everything is displayed in a consistent manner, which gives a trustworthy overall impression of the webshop. And all this in an environment where page speed is paramount. All in all, a project we are very proud of!

Client: Celtic Webmerchant
Year: vanaf 2021
Tags: design development Lightspeed eCom